Wholesale Vegan and Dairy-Free Milk Supplies

Milk and dairy products have been a staple for coffee shops and restaurants who serve caffeinated drinks for years. However, non-dairy and alternative milk substitutes are an increasingly popular beverage supply. The rise in veganism, ovo-vegetarianism, allergies, and lactose intolerance are just a few of the reasons why your restaurant or coffee shop should consider carrying vegan milk alternatives. Soy milk is a popular and well-known option, but there are so many other types of vegan and non-dairy milk alternatives available through beverage distributors.

Accommodate customers with allergies

When determining what kind of vegan milk to include when restocking cafe supplies, you should take food allergies into consideration. The most common food allergens include cow’s milk, tree nuts, and soy. You might want to carry a milk that does not include any common allergens or more than one type of non-dairy milk in order to appeal to the widest customer base possible.

Nut milk like almond and cashew milk are delicious vegan beverage options....

Holiday Coffee Drinks - Wholesale Coffee Shop and Beverage Supplier in Central Texas

Whether you love it or hate it, the change of seasons is bringing in much colder weather. For coffee shops and restaurants, the change of seasons also creates new opportunities to introduce seasonal specialty beverages for their customers to enjoy. Thanks to the abundance of flavored syrups and sauces available, there are endless possibilities of flavor combinations that you can create. Warm up the festivities all season long with these tasty recipes.

Peppermint Mocha

The perfect mix of coffee, chocolate, and mint, this classic drink pops up every year around the holidays. This specialty coffee drink can be made by mixing freshly brewed espresso with prepared hot chocolate and a squirt of peppermint syrup, or by adding a combination of chocolate sauce and peppermint syrup to the espresso and topping it with steamed milk. For lactose-intolerant coffee lovers, try “barista-style” nondairy milk to get the perfect amount of foam. Finish off your creation with a peppermint stick or candy cane and a dollop of whipped coconut cream for richness....

Wholesale Coffee Shop Supplies - Stropwafels

Having a hot cup of coffee and a sweet treat for breakfast is a time-honored tradition across the world, including the Netherlands. In fact, in 1810, stroopwafels were first created there by a baker named Gerard Kamphuisen who wanted to make use of some leftover baking ingredients that he had. His creation was a big hit, and soon, word spread of the delicious little snacks. Luckily, you don't have to travel all the way to Holland to find a good stroopwafel anymore though. Here at Waterfall Gourmet Beverages, we always have a fresh supply of them in stock for our customers. Here are a few reasons why you should make stroopwafels part of your next coffee shop supply order.

The Perfect Size

Stroopwafels are intentionally made to be just slightly bigger than the surface of the average coffee cup. The reason for this is that it is customary to set the treat on top of the cup for a minute or two before eating it. That way, the steam from the hot beverage gently warms and softens it up....

Distributor of Fine Beverages and Products for the Specialty Coffee Community

There's no denying that the art of producing excellent coffee has gained a renewed appreciation in the past 20 years. A large swath of the general public is taking gourmet coffee more seriously than ever nowadays. If you want to capitalize on this trend by starting your own coffee shop, there are some crucial coffee supplies that you'll need to buy. Here's a brief checklist to guide your coffee equipment purchasing decisions.

A World-Class Bean Grinder

If you want to make truly transcendent coffee, a topnotch grinder is one piece of barista equipment that can't be overlooked. For the best results, having both a blade grinder and a burr grinder on hand is recommended. Blade grinders are generally used to prepare grounds for traditional drip-brewed coffee. Burr grinders, on the other hand, are required equipment if you want to make high-quality espresso.

An Industrial Coffee Machine

While espresso drinks are all the rage at the moment, one-third of the U.S. populace still...

Restaurant Beverage Supplies Austin

Restaurants today understand the importance of offering specialty beverages. Gourmet beverages can attract more customers and increase your profits. In response to customer preferences, restaurants are offering an increasing variety of specialty drinks, including smoothies, chai, gourmet coffee, fine teas, and more.

These types of drinks can draw customers into your restaurants during hours when food sales are slow. During dead times, offering specialty beverages can draw in customers who are there simply to enjoy the drinks that you offer. There are multiple benefits to working with a gourmet restaurant coffee supplier like Waterfall Gourmet Beverages to supply your restaurant with the finest beverages available.

Drinks are driving sales

Restaurant owners understand that the profit margins that they enjoy on food sales are razor-thin. According to the NPD Group, a top market research company, beverage-only visits have...

Best Wholesale Tea Supplier in Austin Texas

Running a successful tea shop takes a lot of work. Not only do you strive to provide superior products and service, but it is important to keep the operating costs low. One solid strategy is to hire a tea distributor to buy your tea shop items wholesale. With a tea or beverage distributor, you can reduce the costs of buying your teas and will face less of a hassle with the ordering process.

What Is Wholesale?

Wholesale works by providing you, the business, with a bulk number of products. For instance, if your tea shop needs a supply of fresh Chai tea, a beverage distributor will be able to negotiate and sell your tea shop a bulk item amount of Chai tea. With a contract, your store will consistently receive the necessary amounts of Chai tea within a set amount of time at a specific rate.

The Benefits of Beverage Distributors

When buying wholesale, the distributor is typically selling products at a lower cost to you than if you had to buy Chai tea every time your inventory ran low. For example, a tea distributor may sell...

Buying Coffee Wholesale

For today's consumers, a normal cup of joe just won't cut it anymore. As much of a hearty classic a mug of steaming black coffee may be, who can really blame anyone for skipping the plain-jane style when there are such tantalizing flavors as toffee-nut, raspberry truffle, or campfire s'mores floating around? These days, gourmet coffee drinks are about variety and creativity, and a wide array of innovative coffee syrup flavors can make this variety and creativity possible! Any old syrup won't do, however; proper coffee syrups should be flavorful, but not overpowering, and taste of high-quality ingredients over cheap and artificial ones. Read on to learn how to know which syrups are the perfect fit for serving in your coffee-shop, and why you should be purchasing them wholesale:

Wholesale Coffee Supplier

All coffee shops and restaurants require a consistent and trusted supply of vital coffee and tea products to enable them to provide quality drinks to their customers. Although there are many options in regards to purchasing barista products and paper supplies for coffee shops, it is crucial to have a trusted and reputable supplier for quality, dependability, and on-time delivery.

Our team of specialized professionals is highly trained to take care of your orders without delay or failure. Our varieties of tea, coffee syrup wholesale, and paper products ensure that we are in the position of supplying to a variety of local restaurants and coffee shops. Some of our top selling products include:

Austin Coffee and Beverage Supplies

Waterfall Beverages is a leading coffee shop supplies and equipment company. Other restaurant beverage supplies that we provide include; syrups, milk, sauces, paper products equipment among others that are aligned with the restaurant business. Take a look at some of our hometown cafes that trust us with their beverage supplies and more!

Austin Java

Austin Java provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner, seven days a week. Perhaps the most appealing part about this cafe is that it offers its own roasted coffee. This coffee supplied by Austin Java has been expertly grown, harvested and processed in a professional manner. It also has a mobile Espresso Bar to ensure that you get your fresh coffee wherever you are situated. Other delicacies that are on the restaurant’s menu include Spicy African Peanut Soup, Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Egg in the Hole Burger and Eggs Benedict among many others. Austin Java also offers catering services for any event. Regardless of the size of the...