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How Beverage Maintenance Affects Taste

If you're like most independent coffee shop, tea room, or cafe owners, you take pride in providing customers with a relaxing, inspiring experience. You've undoubtedly taken pains to create a warm, welcoming ambiance, and you've probably carefully crafted your menu to make it unique enough so that it stands above the rest. For instance, perhaps your grandmother's recipe for Dutch apple pie has a recurring cameo role on your specials board, or maybe you've discovered your own secret way of making a common cup of cocoa taste like magic. Whatever it is that makes your business special, be sure to protect your edge over the competition by ensuring that your equipment is performing up to par.

How Barista Equipment Impacts Taste

Another thing you probably already know is the high price tag involved in purchasing coffee supplies and equipment. Commercial coffee brewers and espresso machines are designed to last for years, but proper cleaning and maintenance procedures are an essential component in getting the most from these items. Equipment that is poorly maintained and dirty has the potential to impact the taste of the beverages it produces in a negative way.

One of the most common problems faced by those who use barista equipment is mineral deposits on the sprayer that sprays hot water into the machine's filter basket. Fortunately, these sprayers are removable, so be sure to run yours through your establishment's dishwasher at least once per week to prevent your coffee and tea from developing an unpleasant off-taste.

The sprayers aren't the only part of your coffee equipment that needs to be thoroughly cleaned to remove mineral and bacteria buildups — the internal workings of the machine need attention as well. Comprehensive interior cleaning should be performed at least once every three months, but extremely busy cafes and coffee shops probably need it more often.

Devising a Cleaning and Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance and cleaning tasks often end up getting shuffled to the back burner in busy places, but this approach can have less-than-optimal consequences. Clean, well-maintained equipment is far less likely to malfunction at inopportune times and circumstances than its counterparts that have been neglected. Creating a cleaning and maintenance schedule helps ensure that these tasks don't get swept under the rug, particularly if it's clear, concise, and well-organized.

Breaking down tasks into daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly time frames is an excellent way to organize them into an actionable course of action. Adding a checklist provides the opportunity to tell at a glance what's been done and what's still left to do.

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