How To Support Your Local Community This Holiday Season

The holiday season is among us, but this year's a bit different than the past. Limited capacity, new business regulations, and the effects of social-distancing have many small businesses struggling to make ends meet.

If you're able to, consider supporting the businesses you love this Holiday season and giving back to your community.

Why Support Local Businesses

Not only do small businesses help local communities grow through job creation, but they're also more sustainable than big-box chains. Plus, small businesses impact tourism and can help the local economy.

Buy Local

Think about the shops, restaurants, and cafes you frequent. Chances are, you'd like them to be around this time next year. Order their goods online or buy a gift card to help keep them afloat during this time.

If you can't support them monetarily, you can support them in other ways as well. Follow them on social media and engage with their posts. Or, keep them in mind when someone needs a recommendation. Word of mouth and social engagement is important for small businesses, so recommending them to your family and friends can be a great help.

Give Back

If you have time, consider volunteering and helping give back to your community. Whether that means donating to a food bank, participating in a gift exchange for those less fortunate, or helping grocery shopping for the elderly, there are many ways to get involved and help those in your community. Google "volunteer opportunities near me" to get started.

We're Thankful For Our Clients

At Waterfall Beverages, we're thankful for our clients and committed to delivering them quality coffee and beverage supplies. Whether you need caffeine to power you through your last Zoom meeting or want to give the caffeine-lover in your life a gift card this Holiday season, consider our clients for your specialty coffee needs!