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Starting a Tea Shop? Here are the Supplies You Will Need

Tea is a beverage that's been enjoyed by a range of cultures for centuries. From its origins in ancient China to the popularity of tea time in Britain, tea has been a popular trade good for many markets. Today, many people enjoy visiting tea shops for sipping on different variations of this tasty beverage while enjoying the company of friends and family. There is definitely a market for tea, and if you're looking to tap into that market, here are some supplies that you'll need to purchase to make your dream a reality.

Kitchen Equipment

Before you can open a new tea shop, you'll need to have the equipment that's necessary for running your business. This will likely include brewing equipment like hot water kettles or hot water dispensers for brewing the tea. Commercial grade brewers and strainers will help you serve your tea quickly.

You'll also need equipment for serving the tea to your clientele. Therefore, some attractive cups and saucers will be a necessity for serving those who decide to dine in. Additionally, one of the tea shop supplies you'll need will include paper cups that accommodate hot beverages. You'll likely want to serve some light fare for your customers as well. This will require utensils for preparing foodstuffs and plates and utensils for serving the food to your customers.


If you've decided that you're going to serve food with your tea, you'll want to purchase food that complements the distinct flavors of tea that you're going to serve. This could be dessert foods. It could also be light fare like sandwiches and pastries. If you're able to source some of the food locally, you might be able to cut down on some of your costs while supporting the local community.


Because you're looking to serve tea to get your customers in the door, you'll want to have a variety of teas on hand. You could serve light and dark teas. Green teas are also a popular option. You'll want to have the ingredients on hand to make some tasty chai as well. Herbal teas and teas flavored with fruit can be enticing options that could set your shop apart from your competition. Providing samples of different varieties can help you get an idea of what might be popular in your local market.

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