Welcome Spring With These Coffee Shop Favorites

As temperatures rise and spring starts making its appearance in Central Texas, Texans are swapping out their usual hot drinks for something a bit cooler.

At Waterfall Beverages, our coffee shop supplier offers a variety of drink options for both hot and cold beverage-lovers alike. See just some of our favorite iced drinks to enjoy in the springtime.

1.) Iced Coffee and Lattes

Of course, this list has to start with a classic iced coffee and lattes. From strong cold brew to a specialty iced latte, iced coffee and espresso is a great way to have an energized start to your day.

2.) Iced Chai

While Chai tea was traditionally made hot, iced chai has become a popular option in many coffee shops. Rich aromatic spices blended with black tea and your choice of milk makes for a refreshing spring beverage with a spicy kick.

3.) Smoothies

Whether you want to add a little more nutrients to your diet or want a quick snack, smoothies are a delicious snack in warmer weather. From guava and passionfruit, to berry blends, we offer a wide variety of smoothie concentrates.

4.) Sparkling Water

Last but not least, sparkling water deserves a spot on any cafe's spring menu. We offer sustainably-sourced grab-and-go sparkling water from Richard's Rainwater.

About Waterfall Beverages

Our beverage and specialty coffee shop distributor offers a wide variety of cafe and coffee shop supplies to Central Texas. We provide free delivery to all customers in the Waco-Austin-San Antonio corridor. When fast delivery matters, trust the experts at Waterfall Beverages.