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Why Your Tea Shop Should Buy Chai Tea Wholesale

Running a successful tea shop takes a lot of work. Not only do you strive to provide superior products and service, but it is important to keep the operating costs low. One solid strategy is to hire a tea distributor to buy your tea shop items wholesale. With a tea or beverage distributor, you can reduce the costs of buying your teas and will face less of a hassle with the ordering process.

What Is Wholesale?

Wholesale works by providing you, the business, with a bulk number of products. For instance, if your tea shop needs a supply of fresh Chai tea, a beverage distributor will be able to negotiate and sell your tea shop a bulk item amount of Chai tea. With a contract, your store will consistently receive the necessary amounts of Chai tea within a set amount of time at a specific rate.

The Benefits of Beverage Distributors

When buying wholesale, the distributor is typically selling products at a lower cost to you than if you had to buy Chai tea every time your inventory ran low. For example, a tea distributor may sell hundreds of Chai tea products per month to your tea shop for a fraction of what it could cost buying dozens of sets of Chai tea every week.

In addition, delivery costs may be low if the products are in the largest bulks deliverable. For example, when you ask a distributor to provide you with a thousand units of tea per month instead of a hundred, the distributor may reduce the delivery costs for you.

Shipping in bulk also reduces environmental issues as transportation costs are more spread out and packaging, such as plastics and paper, is minimized. But one large benefit is your business will have a surplus of items. You can either store the items safely until needed and you do not need to fear about low inventory.

Finding a Distributor

The major step you need to take is to look at regulations concerning beverage distribution. States have guidelines for distribution, so you should research how such regulations will impact the bottom line for your tea shop.

After that, it is important for you to read the contractual agreements with a distributor. It is crucial to learn about how your business relationship with the distributor will be like over the long term.

Finally, you should see the territory scope of the distributor. This factor includes what products the distributor can sell your business and if the distributor can deliver to your business. Say you want a Chai tea from a certain part of the world; only certain distributors will have such a tea wholesale to provide to you. In addition, it is important to make sure the distributor can ship directly to you as many distributors have tight geographic zones they work within.

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