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Bringing their passion for espresso to fruition in 1927, Rancilio has been dazzling the commercial and home espresso machine market since its inception. By staying true to their roots, performing never ending research, and maintaining close relationships with their vendors and customers alike, Rancilio has produced - in a word - results. This focus has made Rancilio espresso machines and Rancillio grinders some of the best known and highly regarded in the world.

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Distributed wholesale from Austin, Texas.

Machines and Grinders


The Classe 10 is an innovative espresso machine of the highest class.

To reach this result Rancilio has employed its experience and determination making the Rancilio Classe 10 the new standard.It is ideal for upscale applications that want to maintain traditional values, but want the latest in technological advancements and modern styling. The re-designed brewing group incorporates an expanded pre-infusion chamber that is capable of extracting the absolute best product, guaranteeing taste and aroma that is without comparison. The entire body of the Classe 10 is constructed of aluminium. The internal components are designed with the utmost care insuring reliability over many years. In addition, the easy access to these components facilitates the technician's inspections.

Distributed wholesale from Austin, Texas.