David Rio


David Rio Matcha Chai - NEW Power Chai® (dairy-free)

David Rio’s (only completely) dairy-free, vegan chai is craft blended with black tea and Japanese matcha. Its rich and bold taste is enlivened with the traditional flavors of real chai spices including ginger, clove, cinnamon, star anise and cardamom. Powered with antioxidants from the matcha teas, it is delicately blended into a convenient mix that makes an excellent gift as well as a perfect daily chai tea latte. Simply mix with milk or milk substitute for a delicious vegan chai latte.

New Tiger

David Rio Masala Chai - Tiger Spice

Traditional masala chai flavor with cinnamon, clove, cardamom and ginger with black tea. David Rio’s top selling chai makes an excellent gift as well as the perfect daily chai tea latte. The 4 pound is a “must” for Tiger Spice Chai fans.


David Rio Chai - Toucan Mango

David Rio's Toucan Mango Chai is a creamy tropical mixture of mango, black tea and premium spices, like cinnamon and cardamom. Especially delicious and refreshing as an ice-blended smoothie or iced chai tea latte, it is a convenient mix that makes an excellent summer cooler or hot daily chai latte. Simply mix with hot water or milk or blend with ice and milk.


David Rio Masala Chai - Flamingo Vanilla (sugarfree)

Flamingo Vanilla Chai is based on our Elephant Vanilla Masala Chai flavor profile, but we eliminated all the sugar from the recipe and replaced it with Splenda, today’s sugar substitute of choice. Get all the benefits of chai without the sugar. Mix with hot water or milk for a delicious low calorie drink.

David Rio Chai Elephant Vanilla

David Rio Masala Chai - Elephant Vanilla

Sweet vanilla enhances this masala chai to rich and creamy dimensions. Lightly spiced with traditional masala of cardamom, cinnamon and cloves. This, our first chai recipe, is available in a 4 pound bag. Simply mix with hot water or milk for the best vanilla chai lattes.

David Rio Chai

David Rio Green Chai - Tortoise Green Tea

This innovative green tea chai combines a pleasant hint of green tea with sweet and savory spices. The smooth aftertaste will keep your customers coming back to your restaurant or coffee shop over and over. The 4 pound bag is a must for those Tortoise Green Tea Chai fanatics. Mix with hot water or milk for a delicious green tea chai latte.

David Rio Orca Chai

David Rio Masala Chai - Orca Spice (sugarfree)

We started with our best selling Tiger Spice Masala Chai recipe, eliminated all the sugar and replaced it with Splenda, today’s sugar substitute of choice. Mix with hot water or milk for a delicious low calorie drink.

Tea Frost

Tea Frost is David Rio’s new premium tea-based frappe line. We use high quality, real tea leaves sourced from around the world, offering a fresh, distinct taste that is crafted to perfection as a refreshing summer beverage. Tea Frost also uses a proprietary non-dairy creamer, excluding the use of milk products, so that consumers who have dairy and/or dietary restrictions can also enjoy them.


Tea Frost English Breakfast Premium Tea Frappe

English Breakfast incorporates a quality Ceylon black tea, and serves as a delicious base to customize your own Tea Frost by adding your choice of fruits, syrups, or ice cream.


Tea Frost Spiced Chai Premium Tea Frappe

Spiced Chai is based on David Rio’s signature Tiger Spice Chai® and specifically designed and formulated as a frappe. The improved formulation for the Spiced Chai uses the same high quality organic spices and quality tea, but milk products have now been replaced by our proprietary non-dairy creamer.


Tea Frost Chocolate Assam Premium Tea Frappe

Chocolate Assam uses organic Banaspaty (Bah-nah-spa-tee) Assam, a black tea from India, and combined with a rich and delicious, semi-sweet cocoa powder.


Tea Frost Earl Grey Premium Tea Frappe

Earl Grey features an organic pekoe black tea from Sri Lanka and has very distinctive notes of bright citrus fruit derived from oil, which is extracted from the outer layer of bergamot and applied to the black tea leaves to make for a timeless and classic frappe.


Tea Frost Japanese Matcha Premium Tea Frappe

Japanese Matcha is made with high quality matcha green tea powder sourced from the Nishio Region in the Aichi prefecture of Japan, known as the country's leading producer of premium matcha green tea. Matcha is a pure, ceremonial Japanese green tea powder, and is high in antioxidants. Drinking matcha is comparable to consuming the green tea leaves themselves, offering great health benefits.

Pacific Natural


Pacific Natural - Organic Chai Latte (Spicy)

Our Pacific Natural Organic Spicy Chai concentrate produces a warm, invigorating feeling that has an energizing effect on your mind and body. We brew organic, Fair Trade Certified black tea in small batches, and perfectly harmonize it with a robust bouquet of cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and black pepper. Balanced with just the right sweetness from evaporated cane juice and natural honey, our chai delivers authentic, but not overpowering, warmth and spice.


Pacific Natural - Original Flavor Chai

To create our Original Chai concentrate, we start with full-body brewed, premium organic black tea, and combine it with nature’s flavorful aromatic spices for an invitingly complex brew. Breathe in the tea’s myriad fragrances. Drink in its enticing blend of flavors with frothy milk in a perfectly balanced chai tea latte. Then relax and let the magic of this delicious Organic Chai rejuvenate you and remind you of why you first fell in love with this Indian tradition.

Third Street

Third Street Chai

Third Street Original Chai

  • Third Street Original Chai Ingredients
  • Filtered Water, Evaporated Cane Juice*, Yerba Mate*, Fair-Trade Certified Rooibos*, Cardamom*, Clove*, Cinnamon*, Black Pepper*, Fennel*, Ginger*, Allspice*, Nutmeg*, Almond Extract, Citric Acid. *CERTIFIED ORGANIC

  • Third Street Honey Vanilla Ingredients
  • Filtered water, evaporated cane juice, fair trade certified black tea*, honey, cardamom*, clove, cinnamon, black pepper, fennel, ginger, all spice, nutmeg, vanilla extract, citric acid.*CERTIFIED ORGANIC
  • Third Street Spicy Ginger Ingredients
  • Filtered water, evaporated cane juice, fair trade certified black tea*, cardamom*, clove, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, fennel, nutmeg, citric acid. *CERTIFIED ORGANIC