Since its introduction half a century ago, your sweetener barely changed. Now, a few small tweaks change everything. The elegant design of new ecoStick sweeteners saves space, reduces waste and delivers the same great taste. Each ecoStick uses less packaging than traditional sweeteners, creating a sleek appearance and reducing our carbon footprint by over 47%*. ecoStick is also the FIRST GMO-FREE SWEETENER and a proud supporter of America's National Parks. We think of it as just doing our part to change the world, one tiny sweetener at a time.

  • ECO-FACT #1: Less Waste. Same Sweet Taste.
  • ECO-FACT #2: Sweet for you. Sweet for the Planet.
  • ECO-FACT #3: GMO Free Ingredients.
  • ECO-FACT #4: 60% Reduced Carbon Footprint.
  • ECO-FACT #5: Use just like a pink, yellow, green or blue packet.
  • ECO-FACT #6: Uses 50% less packaging.
  • ECO-FACT #7: Ingredients we thought about.
  • ECO-FACT #8: Better for our Planet.
  • ECO-FACT #9: The NEW look for your sweeteners.
  • ECO-FACT #10: Gluten Free Ingredients.

All Cases are 2000 sticks- Yellow, White, Blue, Pink, Brown, Green

Consider this: If Americans replaced traditional sweetener packets with ecoStick sweeteners in one year* we would save over:

Ecosticks Sweetener