Paper Products

Wholesale Cup Carriers

Cup Carrier

Sturdy 4-Cup (8oz-32oz) 300 in a case

Coffee Filters

Coffee and Tea Filters

We stock most of the commonly used coffee and tea filters that you may need. Distributed wholesale from Austin, Texas.

To Go Coffee Container (96 ounces)

96oz Coffee To-Go Containers

We sell them by the unit or by the case of 25.

Hot Cups

Hot Cups and Lids

  • 4oz- Case of 1000
  • 8 oz- Case of 1000
  • 10oz- Case of 1000
  • 12 oz- Case of 1000
  • 16 oz- Case of 1000
  • 20 oz - Case of 600
  • Black and White lids fits 12-24oz- Case of 1000
  • Black lids for 8oz- Case of 1000
Cold Cups and Lids

Cold Cups and Lids

  • 12 oz- Case of 1000
  • 16 oz- Case of 1000
  • 20 oz- Case of 1000
  • 24 oz- Case of 600
  • Flat lids- Case of 1000
  • Dome Lids- Case of 1000
Coffee Bags

Coffee Bags

  • 1/2 pound can be bought by the unit
  • 1 pound can be bought by the unit
Wholesale Bulk Coffee Cup Jackets

Coffee Cup Jackets

Clutches or cozies for coffee cups to keep the heat off your hand and inside your cup. Case of 1200

Wholesale Bulk Coffee Cup Plugs

Coffee Stix

Some call them stoppers or plugs but everyone calls them fantastic! StixToGo's patented plugs seal the lids on hot beverage tight – eliminating sloshes and spills. Plus, they retain 40% more heat inside your cup where it belongs. The case has 2000 and we stock BLACK-ORANGE-RED

Bulk Plastic Silverware and Cutlery

Cutlery Med-Heavy & Extra-Heavy

White Forks, White Knifes, White Teaspoon

Black Fork, Black Knife, Black Teaspoon

Bulk Wholesale Paper Plates and Containers

Bagasse Plate & Containers

Strong, durable, earth friendly, compostable & biodegradable

  • Round 6" Plates -20/50 case
  • Hinged 6" * 6" Container-10/50
  • Hinged 9" * 9" Container-4/50
Bulk Wholesale PET Hinged Containers

PET Hinged Containers

Hinged PET 6" * 6" 4/125pcs

Hinged PET 9"* 9" 2/100pcs

Bulk Wholesale Coffee Stir Sticks and Straws

Stir Sticks

Smooth, wooden 5.5" 500 box & 10 Boxes in a case

Smooth, wooden 7.5" 500 box & 10 Boxes in a case

Black Stir Straws 5.25" 10,000 in a case

Black Stir Straws 7.5" 5,000 in a case

Bulk Wholesale Coffee Straws


  • 10.25" Paper-Wrapped Giant Clear case 4/300
  • 10.25" Paper-Wrapped Jumbo Clear case 4/500
  • 10.25" Paper-Wrapped Jumbo Black case 4/300
  • 7.75" Paper-Wrapped Giant Clear case 25/300
  • 7.75" Paper-Wrapped Jumbo Clear case 24/500
  • 7.75" Paper-Wrapped Jumbo Black case 24/300
Bulk Wholesale Paper Takeout Bags

Paper Bags

4lb Paper Bag-Kraft 2000pcs

6lb Paper bag-Kraft 2000pcs

Bulk Wholesale Restaurant Napkins


Paper, Multi-Fold, Kraft 12/334pcs

Paper, Multi-Fold, White 12/334pcs

Wholesale Restaurant Beverage Napkins

Beverage Napkins

White 2 Ply 330/100pcs

Black 2 Ply 10/100pcs

Bulk Wholesale Plastic Gloves


Latex Clear, Powder-free Size-Medium 10/100pcs

Latex Clear, Powder-free Size-Large 10/100pcs

Poly Gloves Size-Medium&Large 4/500pcs

Bulk Wholesale Soufflet Cups

1oz & 2oz Portion Cups

Wholesale Bagcraft Pastry Bag

Bagcraft Pastry Bag

  • Economical choice for single-serve hot and cold food applications
  • Improves moisture resistance and wet strength
  • Convenient package for eating on-the-go
Wholesale Ecocraft Pastry Bag

Ecocraft Pastry Bag

FDA Food Grade, 100% Unbleached,Chlorine-free.Great for Eating On-The-Go/case of 1000

Wholesale Ecocraft Bakery Tissue

Ecocraft Bakery Wax Tissue

EcoCraft® Interfolded soy blend wax tissue NK6T Natural Kraft is an economical choice for low moisture pick-up applications. Easy to grab sheets are in a convenient, pop-up box dispenser. 6 inch x 10.75 inch 10 boxes of 1000 each per case.20% Less Wood Pulp,10% Less Greenhouse Gas, 100% Recycled Carton & Boxes