Cafe Essentials - Vanilla & Base Flavors

Deliver the consistent taste your Barista’s recipes deserve with Cafe Essentials vanilla and base products. Makes excellent stand alone vanilla shakes. Our neutral base product truly delivers a velvety base to build off of. Make any frappe or smoothie the ultimate in health with yogurt lovers products.

Unit Size-3.5lb bag 5/3.5lb bags per case


A rich and creamy white chocolate that is great straight up or as a base to add your espresso, chocolate, syrups or fruit into. Not overpowering, to let your quality espresso or coffees shine through.


The essential foundation for creating “from scratch” specialty beverages such as mochas and fruit Smoothies. This versatile base delivers a creamy, velvety, rich and “neutral dairy” taste profile. A 1:1 replacement for most neutral bases.


Distinct vanilla notes in a deeper rich creamy base. Just like a high end country style hard packed ice cream. Create shakes that burst with flavor, or add to your fruit smoothie.


Vanilla Bean is like rich and creamy vanilla ice cream with a true Madagascar vanilla bean inclusion. High vanilla notes & medium bean notes, all in the ice creamy base.


Yogurt Lover’s Choice is a delicious non-fat vanilla milky yogurt beverage containing pre & pro-biotics, fiber and Protein. Used as a base shake to add fruit, juice or syrups into; it also blends well into Dr. Smoothie fruit smoothie.