Organic Mango Smoothie Puree

Dr Smoothie - Organic Smoothies

Dr Smoothie ORGANIC SMOOTHIE blends meet the FDA 100% fruit standards, giving you 5 servings of fruit in every 20oz. beverage. Our Artisan Craftsman went on a relentless pursuit to find the best fruit and juices for you to enjoy. These blends are all hand-crafted in our privately owned plant, and are sweetened with organic pear, apple and pineapple juices.

Wholesale Organic Mango Smoothie

Organic Mango

Prized South American mango varieties from Ecuador and Columbia combine into a fruity mango blend.


Organic Pineapple

Deep and rich pineapple from Costa Rica combined with a touch of creamy coconut and banana.

Organic Strawberry Fruit Concentrate

Organic Strawberry

Fresh, ripe strawberries await your taste buds.

Organic Strawberry Banana Smoothie Puree

Organic Strawberry Banana

A delicious combination of fresh Strawberry and ripe Bananas.

Organic Raspberry Blend Wholesale Puree

Organic Raz-Berry Blend

A Raspberry upfront blend that includes Strawberry and Blackberry.